Advanced Autosar Software Modules for ECUs

Mechatnom: Your Autosar Expert

Mechatnom is developing Autosar software modules and interface for automotive electronics suppliers for the first time in Turkey as the first and only Autosar’s (AUTomotive Open System Architecture) developer partner.

Product Catalogue

Mechatnom Basic Software Modules

We develop all essential Autosar software modules for automotive ECUs. We are developing all Autosar modules, from RTE to communication services, from diagnostics to ECU management, for the first time in Turkey, within the scope of Tübitak 1507.

Our software modules are already integrated into numerous development and production projects.

Mechatnom Developer and Configurator

Via Mechatnom Developer and Configurator, you can configure the Autosar software modules, generate the code and integrate into your ECU.

Mechatnom Flash Bootloader

Mechatnom Flash Bootloader, which is developed according to the state-of-art requirements enables the update of application software via CAN. It needs low memory in the Electronic Control Unit and compatible with most of known microcontrollers.

Mechatnom Flash Bootloader supports at the moment CAN and CAN FD. It will support LIN, Flexray and Ethernet soon.

  • Run-Time Environment: Autosar RTE is a configurable interface (Middleware) between Application Software and Basic Software. It enables the communication between application software components and provides interfaces between SW-Cs and basic software modules.
  • Diagnostic Stacks: Off-Board Diagnostics is used in different fields like technical service, production, development and also transportation. Those stacks provide implementation of UDS according to ISO14229-1 in Autosar environment.
  • Communication Services: Mechatnom provides specific communication stacks like CAN, LIN and Flexray. Moreover, we provide essential Autosar communication services like NM, Com, PduR and IpduM.

Mechatnom is developing Autosar software modules and interface for automotive electronics suppliers for the first time in Turkey. 

-> Automotive software development is complex and thus high risky. Because software is intertwined with hardware, software is developed from 0 over and over for every project and for every OEM.

-> First of all, it is a consortium in order to standardize same or similar functionalities under an open and standardized layered software architecture for automotive *ECUs. The consortium was founded in 2003 by automotive giants. Automobile manufacturers, suppliers, software and tool developers work together under one roof.

-> With the Autosar methodology, software modules can be integrated into any ECU at low cost and in a short integration time. It can also be easily transferred from one project to another.


  • Similar or identical functionalities, interface, data exchange types and methods can be standardized.
  • Most importantly, perhaps, software is separated from hardware. The biggest disadvantage of non-AUTOSAR embedded systems is that they are dependent on hardware, namely ECU, and the software has to be developed almost from scratch for a different ECU.
  • With AUTOSAR, software can be developed independently of the hardware and this software can be used in any desired system / ECU.
  • The basic software can be used in different ECUs and fields. It can be adapted to different vehicles, platforms and ECU equipment.