Platform Electronic Control Unit

Safe ECUs:  Flexible, customizable Platform Electronic Control Units for prototyping and mass production of any automotive system.

Software-defined cars need good and reliable “brains” or Electronic Control Units (ECU) for  any complex automotive systems from dynamic steering to ADAS. 

  • Bus Communication via CAN/CAN FD, Flexray, Ethernet, LIN
  • ASIL D
  • Integrated Autosar Classic Software Modules
  • 12 bit Analog Input/Outputs
  • PWM Input/Outputs
  • Customizable for Any Automotive Systems: Gateway, ABS, Engine Control Unit, Vehicle Control Unit, Steer-by-Wire, Break-by-Wire, etc.
  • Supports Unified Diagnostics Services (ISO14229-1)
  • Vehicle Types: Passenger Car, Bus, Trucks, Robot Taxi, Motorcycle, Off Road, Industrial Machines

An ECU for Automotive

Platform ECU is secure and safe. It is designed according to Functional Safety (ISO 26262). It provides the highest safety level: ASIL D. It is resistant to the environmental factors like overtemperature, undertemperature or any forces impacting from outside. 

Our Platform Electronic Control Unit supports also Cybersecurity (ISO 21434), and Information Security (ISO 27001).

Further Features

  • 8V - 60V Operating Range
  • 8 Channel 0-5V / 0-10V Digital Inputs
  • 4 Channel Pull Up/Pull Down Digital Inputs
  • 2 Channel 0-32V 12 Bit Analog Inputs
  • 4 Channel 0-10V 12 Bit Analog Inputs
  • 4 Channel 0-20mA 12 Bit Analog Inputs
  • 4 Channel PWM Inputs
  • 1 Channel 4-20Ma Analog Output
  • 2 Channel Temperature Sensor Inputs
  • 10 Channel High Side PWM Outputs
  • 4 Channel Low Side PWM Outputs