Requirement Engineering and Management

Requirement engineering and management are key activities in order to prioritize the requirements, reduce the risks, costs and support your customer in the most efficient way so that you can reach your goals.

Before developing any E/E system, customer requirements shall be analyzed and the system requirements shall be specified. Correspondingly the system and software architectures are vital to be created for the project planning and management so that the risks of your complex system are mitigated.

Moreover, the traceability of the requirements improves your capability level. 

  • MECHATNOM is the expert on requirement engineering for E/E systems in the automotive field.
  • MECHATNOM experts have ten years of professional experience on automotive systems
  • We offer professional trainings on requirement engineering
  • Our engineers analyze the requirement sets from your customers
    • Every single requirement is examined if it can be impelemented
    • Keeping contact with your customer in order to have a realistic requirement set
  • Specification of the system, software and hardware requirements
    • Your requirements are defined in well known requirement management tools like DOORS according to A-SPICE
  • Designing system and software architecture in most known tools like Enterprise Architecture and Microsoft Visio
  • Specification of the functional safety requirements
  • Requirement reviews
  • Systematic validation and verification
  • Workshops to provide know-how on specific methods like FMEA