CAD (Computer Aided Design)


  • Mechatnom supports you by evaluating and analyzing the different aspects of the product that you want to produce in full detail. Our experienced engineers deliver expert help by analyzing and praparing reports regarding the design and the budget of the product, customer experience and quality control, and thus enabling the eventual manufacturing phase to start.
  • Firstly, in the light of your instructions we assess and evaluate the general outlines of the product, the potential problems that can be encountered, the costs and the feasibility study and come up with the first draft.
    • After the first draft is devised, our engineers move on to the design process and meticulously prepare and present a detailed analysis of the best price-performance optimization.
    • They bring forward innovative solutions and present you various scenarios to chhose from before the manufacturing process begins.

      Our engineering team perceives the clients as family members and benefits from various disciplines while performing the tasks.

The designing process is initiated with the underlying belief that each and every detail has a big significance and the draft product with its main outlines is analyzed and tested in full detail over and over again until it is perfected through all the technical calculations.

The end product is also tested and verified in different areas by our expert engineers. The test results are shared with our valued clients in full transparency.

Product drawings are made with your approval. Our engineers technically describe and define each detail in the best possible way.

After all these steps your product becomes ready for the manufacturing process.

We are at your service!

Do you have a very significant project and think that you need CAD support? Contact our expert engineer Taylan Aydın and his technical team today.