CAE (Computer-aided Engineering)

Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) in Mechatnom aims at creating a flawless user experience with the help of different types of analysis and tests carried out by expert engineers before the manufacturing phase and analysis reports that are continuously shared with the clients.

All the necessary steps throughout the CAE processes are implemented by our engineers with  utmost meticulousness.

How do we provide support?

Computer-aided engineering tasks conducted in Mechatnom:

  • Stress analysis on components and assemblies using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Durability Analysis
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Optimization of the product or process
  • Dynamic Analysis of the mechanisms

Within Mechatnom we upload the production-ready CAD files to the server to analyze and report whether the product meets all the requirements. After our expert engineers test how the product reacts to real-world forces and prepare reports on predicted problems, they share it with our valuable clients, providing you with all the crucial information that you need before the manufacturing phase starts.

The Benefits of CAE

  1. The analyses and tests are carried out using certain computer programs that simulate reality, without needing a physical prototype. Thus, it saves producers time and money.
  2. Designing and prototyping helps minimizing the implementation cycles of the test scenarios.
  3. CAE helps the engineering teams to manage the possible risks in their designs and reduces the errors in design and drawing process.

CAE enables to create all the possible predictive scenarios and allows you to take action accordingly.

We are at your service!

Do you have a very significant project and think that you need CAE support?Don’t worry, we are at your service.  Contact our expert engineer Taylan Aydın and his technical team today.