Software-defined Car

Autonom makes software-defined car into reality: Standardized software modules, vehicle computers, domain controllers, Steer-by-Wire and more. 


Cyber Security and Its Rise within the Automotive Industry

The automotive world has changed more rapidly than ever in 10 years. While until recently the main purpose of road vehicles was to provide safe transportation from point A to point B, studies are now being carried out to divide the driving experience and comfort and even transform it into passengers with autonomous drive technologies....
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Functional Safety on Autonomous Vehicles – Introduction

Functional Safety is the biggest reason and also the proof that cars can never be 4-wheeled mobile phones. If a mobile phone shuts down, an accident that you will pay for with your life will not occur. However, if cars or buses take all responsibility from the driver, even eliminating the driver, and claim to...
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Software Safety Analysis According to ISO26262-6:2018

Checklist for Software Safety Analysis (ISO26262)

Software is the most critical part of any mechatronic automotive systems. We can’t talk about any product safety without ensuring software safety and software safety analysis is the only way to ensure safety on software level which is executed according to ISO26262-6:2018 Figure E.1 and a checklist is vital for ensuring the quality of analysis....
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Mechatnom @ IAA Mobility 2023 Munih

? As Mechatnom team, we will be at the IAA MOBILITY. We are waiting for you at our booth where we will show our products including Autosar Software Modules, Steer-by-Wire, Platform Electronic Control Unit and more.. Come and visit us ? ? 05-08 September 23 ? Munich, Germany ? Hall B2, Booth: C125
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Mechatnom @ Hyperlink Event by Tubisad 30.11.2022

Hyperlink start-up meetings were extremely productive. We met with new companies and talked about business development ideas.
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In-House Production Line Started Up!

Mechatnom starts up the in-house production line! Huge step for Mechatnom! Ready to design and produce our own electronic control units! Mechatnom develops and designs not only software but now hardware and produces from prototype (Sample A) to SOP! At the moment, Mechatnom has SMT Machine, 6 zone computer controlled oven, CO2 laser cutting machine...
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Embedded Software Development

We develop embedded software according to your needs.  We serve in all areas from medical to aerospace and automotive.

Functional Safety

It is vital to develop a safe and reliable automotive system. No problem for us to develop automotive systems with high complexity according to ISO26262! We are ready for the challange with our expertise as a result of our 15 years experience in the automotive industry. Our experts are certifed by TÜV Rheinland.

Requirement Engineering and Management

Customer requirement analysis, requirement specification and management


Process assessment and improvement according to A-SPICE requirements and base practices

CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Autonom evaluates and analyzes your project from each and every angle, takes all the potential as well as existing circumstances in the designing process into consideration and finally comes up with the most realistic modeling you can possibly have.


Whether developing software with AUTOSAR or process improvement with A-SPICE, we train your employees to meet your company’s needs with our more than 10 years of automotive experience.