Founding Partner & CTO: M.Eng.Can Acar

M.Eng.Can Acar was born in 1986 in Bursa. He went to Tophane Primary School in Bursa. He completed his secondary education in 2004 in Ulubatlı Hasan Anatolian Highschool. He studied Mechatronics Engineering at Atılım University. In 2009 he was accepted to the International Automative Engineering Department at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. In the following years he worked for most of the automative giants in Germany (such as Audi, BMW, Porsche, Daimler, ZF, Bosch, Hella) as software developer in nearly all levels in V Model. . For years he developed driving systems (For Example: Active Steering, Electronic Power Steering). He successfully completed Autosar, CAN, Flexray, Functional Safety and A-SPICE trainings. He also gave trainings for years in these topics. He is a TÜV Rheinland certified Functional Safety Engineer and VDA certified A-SPICE assessor. He is an automative electronics and software expert with 13 years of experience. He speaks fluent German and English.
He is the founder of Mechatnom and has been its CTO since December 2022. He manages all the technical processes from developing the technical strategy of the company to supervising the team, develops the technical concepts, manages the functional safety and A-Spice processes, organizes trainings for the new employees and customers and acts as a mentor.

Can Acar is married and has a daughter.

Founding Partner & Hardware Development Manager: Dr. Erkan Kocakaya

Erkan Kocakaya achieved his Undergraduate (2000), Graduate (2005), and Phd (2021) degrees from the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department at Kocaeli University. During his undergraduate studies, he founded his own company in Gölcük which specialized in Computer and Network Systems and worked on Software Development and Network Systems. The company stopped working after Gölcük Earthquake in 1999. He graduated from the university in 2000 and did his military service in 2001. In 2004 he started to work at the Karamürsel Vocational School of Kocaeli University as a professor and has been the head of Mechatronics Department since 2011. Apart from his academic career, Erkan KOCAKAYA worked between 2002-2014 as R&D Software Consultant in many firms and took part in important projects such as Embedded Systems, PLC, Robotic Control and Machine Design and Production. With the help of the finacial support from Kosgeb R&D and Innovation Support he founded ALSTEK Electronics Software Inc. which is located in Kuluçka Center of Kocaeli University. He developed the first aquarium light armature with a daylight simulation system that is controlled by a mobile software in Turkey. He ended the import dependency on this product and even started exporting it to seven countries. With the support of Kosgeb and Tübitak R&D programmes, ALSTEK has been a part of many popular projects like artificial intelligence based, cloud computing supported Smart Plug, KATİS Kocaeli WASTE Tracking System. He speaks fluent English.
He has been the business partner and Hardware Development Manager in Mechatnom since 2022. He manages the hardware design and production processes of the company products, develops technical concepts, supervises the hardware development team and is responsible for the hardware quality.